Junior Drones 2

Build, crash and fly with mini-drones






All equipment is provided

Explore engineering and aerodynamics for youngsters with buildable mini-drones!

Junior Drones 2

Course Overview

Build and soar your way into the world of flight with Fire Tech’s Junior Drones 2 holiday workshop.

Join Fire Tech’s young Junior Drones engineers will discover how to build a Quadcopter or Hexacopter drone using lego-like construction parts, circuits, motors and their creative imagination.

This holiday workshop takes kids from the basics of flight using paper planes to confidently piloting hand-built mini-drones. Taught by a Fire Tech trained tutor, this is the perfect opportunity to have fun with physics principles in a friendly, team-building environment with great new tech..

Get ready to fly, crash, re-build and have heaps of fun testing and discovering what really makes things fly!

What are the different parts of a drone called? How does it hover in the air? Come find out in Fire Tech’s Junior Drones holiday workshop. Suitable for Age 9 – 12 Also available Junior Drones 1 for age 6 – 9.

What students will learn

This holiday workshop covers topics including:

  • Understanding the fundamental principles behind what makes things fly
  • A tutor-lead journey through the electrical components of constructable mini-drone circuits
  • Practicing drones-safety principles
  • Hands-on drone piloting practice
  • Resilience and problem solving... get ready for lots of fantastic crashes!
  • Lots of fun, creativity and STEAM based activities


Please note we regularly update our kits with the latest tech and workshop drones may not be the exact same colours as pictured. Junior Drones 2 students fly lego-like contructable mini-drones with a physical controller, E.g RCTech Block Drones.

Firetech Junior Drones 2 Workshop STEM Holidays Mini-Drones Firetech Junior Drones Holiday Workshop STEM Technology Mini Drones

Firetech Junior Drones 2 Workshop STEM Holidays Mini-Drones Junior Drones 1 2 Workshop Firetech STEM Girls Steminists

Fire Tech's drone kits will remain with our tutors at the end of the workshop. You can continue the learning journey by purchasing your own kit for home here. Loved the Junior Drones holiday workshop and looking for the next step?
Get creative with tech in our Video Game Design or Vlogging for Gamers holiday workshop.

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What will students take home

  • A fantastic creative-tech experience
  • A Firetech Certificate
  • How to build and fly drones!
  • New ideas and big smiles :)
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Firetech Courses Include

  • 8:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
  • New Skills and Knowledge Practice
  • Enthusiastic Instructors
  • A Supportive Community
  • Outdoor Activities*
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Who is this course suitable for?

No prior experience is required but there are some prerequisites for attending this course:

  • Must be between age 9 and 12 at start of course
  • Basic IT skills
  • Bring your own lunch

* Outdoor activities dependent on location and weather. ** some software only available as trial. We arrange a discounted rate with the publishers for our campers when possible.